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Q2 2018 European Loan Market Update

Debt Explained has unveiled its latest European Loan Market Update covering Q2 2018. For the first time, the report shows that all deals were done on a Cov Lite basis. 

MFN Protection: is it present and, if so, at what level? 

All Q2 deals included MFN protection and, positively, there was a small increase in the proportion of deals setting the cap at 0.5%. However, for deals with 1% protection, the weaker margin caps were seen slightly more frequently than yield caps.

MFN protection continues to be an area for negotiation, with over half of Q2 deals including some kind of limitation on its application, whether in the form of a currency or maturity limitation, by allowing an amount of incremental debt to be incurred with no protection or otherwise.

  Q3 2017 Q4 2017 Q1 2018 Q2 2018
No MFN protection - 5.5% - -
Yes – 0.5% - yield cap 19% 5.5% 15% 29%
Yes – 0.5% - margin cap - - 8% -

Yes – 0.75% - yield cap

- 5.5% - -
Yes – 1% - yield cap 62% 50% 46% 29%
Yes – 1% - margin cap 14% 28% 23% 35%
Yes - 1.5% yield cap  - 5.5% - -
Yes – different % depending on currency – yield cap 5% - - -
Yes – different % depending on maturity date – margin cap - - 8% 7%


Springing leverage covenants: testing threshold

Q2 saw the appearance of both 50% and 67.5% as a testing threshold but the standard remains 40% (with some nuances).

Springing Leverage Covenants: Testing Threshold

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