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Pitching under Pressure - and Winning

Pitching under Pressure- and Winning
A major investment bank which is a Debt Explained client was contacted by a financial sponsor looking for initial bids on a deal. The suggested terms from the sponsor were presented on an excel spreadsheet with a grid of terms – including covenants, thresholds and restrictions to be included in the loan. The bank needed to provide a rapid informed response ensuring they had the best chance of winning the deal.

The loan syndication market is dynamic and competitive with lucrative mandates up for grabs. To win those mandates, deal teams need to be competing at the highest level – even just to win the right to pitch.

In this case the financial sponsor looking for initial bids on a new deal. The sponsor set out their proposed requirements  on  an excel spreadsheet with nearly 60 terms and conditions specified. The “ask” was so comprehensive that it included detailed legal terms and conditions to be included in the deal.

Using our Representative Loan Terms (RLT) data base, the bank was able to identify immediately which elements of the financial sponsors requests were on market and those which were not acceptable as never having passed through the market. It proposed a comprehensive financial solution by return which worked for both sides and which was accepted by the financial sponsor.

The bank was awarded a lead arranger mandate. While fees are never revealed, it was a major payday for the bank.


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