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On the Front Foot with Marketing

The leveraged finance market is fast-moving and competitive. League tables and awards ensure that there is complete visibility and competition among advisors vying to top the tables.

In a growing market, there are more deals. You need to ensure that your firm is winning not only market share – but is also maintaining an edge by winning the most complex and complicated mandates.

Expertise is the key to not only structuring your deals but winning future mandates. So how do top law firms ensure that they are ahead of the game when it comes to winning mandates.


The client is a leading London-based law firm and a long-time subscriber to Debt Explained. The team includes a number of experienced users. Overall the team is running thousands of searches a year on Debt Explained. Typically the searches are reactive and deal-driven as the team search for precedents on individual deals.

However, the team realised that they could go further and use the database in a more proactive way.

By searching the database for the first optional redemption date of bonds, they could start to speculate about likely refinancing. Combining this with information such as issuer, bookrunner and counsel they could start to think about introductions and networking opportunities.

The alternative would have been a manual search across individual deal documentation. Even then the team may not have had access to all the Offering Memorandums and so may not have been able to gather a complete set of data.

Debt Explained captures more than 500 data points on each deal so users can search across large numbers of deals, irrespective of sector, size or deal type to group by criteria such as optional redemption dates.

Even if you are working on a deal right now, you need to be continually looking for the next deal. Debt Explained’s unique databases can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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